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24-Aug-2017 01:44

But it is possible to swap pre-occupied, unsatisfying sex for adventurous, happy sex, by choosing a sex move that flatters your body type.

Create curves by wearing a sexy push-up bra or a tight, nipple-revealing sexy vest top.

According to new research, the risky position is to blame for half of all penile fractures that occur during sex.

In comparison, 'doggy style' or the woman on all fours is responsible for 29per cent of injuries, while 'man on top' or 'missionary' is only liable for 21per cent.

Or try a ‘handstand’: he’s standing, you’re in a handstand position with your legs wrapped around his waist. He lies on his back on the bed and you spread his arms and legs. Use your feet to pin down his wrists and put your hands on his thighs, for support and to play dominatrix (especially if you’ve gone for the catsuit! He lies on his back, you climb on board and straddle his face, facing in either direction (depending on whether he’s a breast or bottom man).

Put a pillow under his neck and use those strong thigh muscles to lift or lower to position yourself just so. You lie on your side, he lies on his side behind you and penetrates.

Far sexier than insisting he turns off the lights and leaving your T-shirt on. Kneel facing away from him, lean down to rest your weight on your forearms and push your bottom tantalizingly high in the air in his direction.

If you’re brave enough, you’ve got the figure to carry off a PVC or leather catsuit with a push-up bra underneath. Try ‘the monkey’: He leans against a wall and lifts you up by taking a firm grip of your bottom.

You wind your arms around his neck, grip his thighs with yours and put your feet against the wall to give leverage and help him thrust.

Not only does it give him a visual treat, the angle and position makes your waist look tiny and your thighs slim and taut.

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If you do opt for missionary, make your midriff look sexier by stretching your arms up over your head and grabbing onto the bedposts or by placing them flat on the wall behind the bed.His hands are free to stimulate your clitoris and he gets a great view of your breasts in the push-up bra.

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