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However, Robert "le Fort" is already named as missus in Maine, Anjou and Touraine in Nov 853, in a document issued by King Charles II (see below), unless of course this document refers to Robert Seigneur [comte] Sesseau, which is not impossible Secondly, there is a possible connection between Robert "le Fort" and the family of Aledramn [I] Comte de Troyes, who died in [852] (see CAROLINGIAN NOBILITY).

Such indications are provided by Regino who names "Waltgerius comes, nepos Odonis regis, filius scilicet avunculi eius Adalhelmi in Aquitanien" when recording his battle against "Ramnulfum et fratrem eius Gozbertum et Ebulonem abbatum de sancto Dionysio " in Jul 892, and names "Megingaudus comes, nepos supradicti Odonis regis [son of Robert "le Fort"]" when recording his death, also in 892.

As discussed further below, Anatole de Barthlemy uses this document as part of his argument for identifying Guillaume Comte de Blois as the father of Robert "le Fort".

However, "avunculus" in its strict sense indicates "maternal uncle" and, while the terms "patruus" (paternal uncle) and "avunculus" (maternal uncle) are frequently used interchangeably in contemporary primary source documentation, it is possible that the relationship was through a sister of the two brothers Eudes Comte d Orlans and Guillaume Comte de Blois, who could have been the mother of Robert "le Fort".

The brothers of Hugues "Capet" King of France were installed as dukes of Burgundy from 956 to 1002, and Robert younger son of Robert II King of France established the main line of dukes which ruled Burgundy from 1032 until 1361 (see the document BURGUNDY DUCHY, DUKES), as well as the kings of Portugal from [1095] until the revolution in 1910 (see PORTUGAL KINGS).

Hugues, younger son of Henri I King of France, married the heiress of the counties of Vermandois, Valois and Crpy, which his descendants continued to rule until 1213 when they reverted to the French crown (see NORTHERN FRANCE - VALOIS, VEXIN, VERMANDOIS).

It is assumed that the suggestion is based primarily on onomastics, although the first secondary source which proposed the connection has not yet been identified and therefore has not been checked.Robert's brother Pierre married the heiress of the seigneurie de Courtenay (see CHAMPAGNE - SENS & JOIGNY), although his most prominent descendants were Latin emperors of Constantinople from 1216 until 1261 (see CONSTANTINOPLE LATIN EMPIRE).Robert, younger son of Louis VIII King of France, was installed as comte d'Artois in 1237, his descendants ruling the county until 1329 (see NORTHERN FRANCE - ARTOIS, BOULOGNE etc.), as well as the county of Eu from 1351 to 1472 (see NORMANDY - ARQUES, AUMLE, CAUX, EU, ROUEN).Robert would presumably have fled Germany after opting to support Charles II le Chauve King of the West Franks in the latters fight against his brother Ludwig II "der Deutsche King of the East Franks.

This dispute is dated to 858/59: King Ludwig invaded in Aug 858, when King Charles was faced with widespread rebellion, and was defeated in Jan 859.

A further indication is found in the charter dated 14 Sep 937, under which Robert "le Fort"s grandson "Hugues abb de Saint-Martin" donated "son alleu de Lachydans le comt de Meaux" to Tours Saint-Martin, specifying that he had inherited the property from "comte Aledramnus" who had been granted it by Charlemagne.

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