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A close friend has a 2-year-old daughter who was born with a rare gene mutation, which left her visually impaired, gripped by seizures and unable to walk.

The family started using the non-intoxicating cannabinoid oils to treat the seizures and the child is now sleeping better, has fewer seizures and has begun strengthening her legs in a bouncing chair.“It is a legitimate medicine and it’s helping people,” Roth said.

Dispensaries will only be able to sell products to registered medical marijuana card holders after it’s been tested and labeled by the state.“Testing is going to be mandatory in all regulated cannabis markets, so that’s a segment of the industry that needs to grow,” said Barton Morris, a Royal Oak attorney and member of a state work group that is looking at testing for medical marijuana.

“A fear I have with the rollout of the regulated market is that there isn’t going to be enough labs.

As the hobby moves into the future, very seldom are high profile cards sold ungraded, but rather are sold entombed in a tamper-proof holder from a third party grader (TPG).

The most well known TPGs are PSA, Beckett, and SGC.

“And I look at how much the industry is going to be worth and I think this is one of the smartest decisions I could make for my future.”While medical marijuana revenues in Michigan are estimated at more than 0 million, if full legalization of marijuana happens, as it has in eight other states, the revenues could be enormous.

Arcview Market Research, a California-based company that tracks the marijuana industry, reported .8 billion nationally in legal marijuana sales — both recreational and medicinal — in 2016, and projects the market to grow to .6 billion by 2021.

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In the past years, PSA has made changes to their holders to prevent or minimize the fraud, but the older holders are still at risk.PSA is the most well known TGP and has a majority of the market share.In the past, one could feel relatively safe when buying a graded card that what they were buying was authentic and not altered.You’re going to get a degree growing marijuana,’” said the 19-year-old sophomore at Northern Michigan in Marquette.

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“But it’s not an easy degree at all.”His four-year medicinal plant chemistry degree — geared toward the burgeoning marijuana business that is about to explode in Michigan next year — includes classes such as organic chemistry, biochemistry, soils, biology, gas and liquid chromatography, biostatistics, genetics, accounting, financial management and perspectives on society.Type I Front Type I Back One thing is for sure, there is not a shortage of 1952 Topps Mantle counterfeits available.