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Historian John Davies, theorises that a worsening climate after around 1250 BC (lower temperatures and heavier rainfall) required more productive land to be defended.

The Labour Party replaced the Liberal Party as the dominant political force in the 1940s.Thereafter Brittonic language and culture began to splinter, and several distinct groups formed.The Welsh people were the largest of these groups, and are generally discussed independently of the other surviving Brittonic-speaking peoples after the 11th century.Phil Carradice explores the history of Llantwit Major which was once a seat of learning unrivalled anywhere in the western world.

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Besieged by Vikings, it suffered at the hands of invading Normans, until its monastery was finally destroyed in 1539.

Much of the copper for the production of bronze probably came from the copper mine on the Great Orme, where prehistoric mining on a very large scale dates largely from the middle Bronze Age.