Kamen rider ooo anything goes single

15-Jun-2017 18:45

Date and Goto arrive to assist Eiji in fighting Bujira and his offshoots.Once Gokai Red and Kamen Rider Diend finish their battle, Gokai Red wipes Birth and Proto-Birth out.But in reality, Date faked the betrayal under orders from Kougami to stop Maki from becoming a Greeed.

He also trains Goto to take his position after finishing his task as Birth.

Date is also known to love eating oden, even making oden in Kiyoto Maki's research lab, while at the same time taking up residence and making a big mess out of it, much to Maki's ire.

He has taken a liking to Shintaro Goto, training him in order to take up the mantle of Birth once his job is over.

The bullet causes him greater pain over time and starts to affect his performance in battle. Maki's offer to work for the Greeed with a bribe, he reveals that he was doing so at Kougami's behest, which would earn him the amount of money enough to afford his surgery.

He was later wounded on the job to the point where he can no longer fight effectively and resigned his position from the Kougami Foundation, obtaining his money and leaves the country to get his surgery done with Shintaro succeeding him.

Before battle, Date tends to say "Now, let's start earning".

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