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She discovered that she lives just a few minutes away from me and asked if we could start carpooling to work together because she and her boyfriend share a car.She gives me about gas money per day, but I don’t need the money and I’ve realized that I would rather just drive by myself.I tend to get into these types of situations frequently — where I understand that something is “my right” to stop doing it or to say no, but it just seems selfish when it’s basically my preference vs.

Op zondag 21 januari lezen we (Vertaald door: Manik Sarkar, 149 blz.) van Kamel Daoud, geselecteerd door gids Marjolijn van Heemstra.Maybe you want to be able to change your plans at the last minute without being beholden to someone else (or even just without having to reach her in the morning if you’re going to be late that day).Maybe you just want that time to yourself to think or unwind.* Your schedule is becoming more unpredictable — you’re going to run errands/go to the gym/swing by the mall/visit a friend more often after work and/or come in early/go to the gym before work, and so you need to stop giving her rides.

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(You don’t need to say you’re doing it every day, so if she notices your car at home, that’s the explanation.) If she asks if you can still drive her on the days you’re not going those things, you’d say, “I’m going to be playing it by ear enough that I don’t think it’ll work. ” (And if she still pushes at that point, she’s being rude and you can say, “I really can’t — it’s the sort of thing that I decide at the last minute.”) * A vague “my schedule is getting weird starting Monday so I won’t be able to drive you after that.” Or “stuff is changing with my schedule, so I’m not going to be able to drive you to and from work anymore.” If she asks what’s changing, you could keep it vague – “ugh, just a bunch of increased obligations that are squeezing my day more than I want.” Coming up with a cover story might feel icky, since you’re telling her something that isn’t true.We have also hung out a few times, so now she views us as friends and I think she will be hurt if I say I’d rather drive alone or “just don’t want to” take her to her appointments during lunch.