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For this reason, Back Track is the platform of choice as it comes with all the tools required to perform a penetration test.

Windows XP/7 is required for certain tools to be used.

Since the Alfa comes with an Omni-directional antenna, we need to obtain a directional antenna.

The best choice is a panel antenna as it provides the capabilities required in a package that travels well.

As such it is a requirement to have the ability to use the three major operating systems at one time. Since this is a hardware platform as well, this makes the selection of specific hardware extremely simple and ensures that all tools will work as designed.

VMware Workstation is an absolute requirement to allow multiple instances of operating systems easily on a workstation.

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An 802.11 USB adapter allow for the easy connection of a wireless adapter to the penetration testing system.

In general terms, the following tools are mandatory to complete a penetration test with the expected results.

Selecting the operating platforms to use during a penetration test is often critical to the successfully exploitation of a network and associated system. With standard command shells (such as sh, csh, and bash) and native network utilities that can be used during a penetration test (including telnet, ftp, rpcinfo, snmpwalk, host, and dig) it is the system of choice and is the underlying host system for our penetration testing tools.

They will need to be continuously updated and changed upon by the community as well as within your own standard.

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Guidelines are just that, something to drive you in a direction and help during certain scenarios, but not an all encompassing set of instructions on how to perform a penetration test. Selecting the tools required during a penetration test depends on several factors such as the type and the depth of the engagement.A GPS is a necessity to properly perform an RF assessment.

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