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Taking my time, though, produces just enough warmth and moisture to bring out the flavor and my pipe never gets more than warm to the touch. The room aroma is heavy and natural and seems unwanted my most non-smokers indoors.

Outdoors, I get many compliments - it makes people wistful as they remember some wonderful night by the fireplace or a special camping trip.

The Story: Midway down the bowl a sharpness appears; far from unpleasant, this shows up as a tickle on the palate and a spicy flavor that I (when I first tried it) mimics incipient bite. Stop puffing for a minute and it fades gently, leaving only a pleasant aftertaste.

The flavor changes very little as the bowl is smoked, only increasing slightly in heaviness and sharpness.

It really makes you crave for more and more, never tiring: I find it perfect as appetizer, or after dinner, or in every other moment of the day.

This is a tobacco that simply makes you love the taste of... That burnt-wood, exotic taste that I have always been looking for in a tobacco...

Dunhill's My Mixture 965 is for the connoisseurs of full bodied tobacco.

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Exposition: As the bowl burns on it increases in strength and the flavor becomes slightly more unified.

This is another tobacco that I would choose if I could smoke only one blend for the rest of my life. It never tickles the throat or bites the tongue, regardless of how you smoke it.

Just a bit in the nose, maybe, but it's an otherwise well-rounded mixture.

I am a guy who loves to try different tobaccos to change tastes, but I feel that My Mixture 965 is a blend that MUST always be present in my collection, because it never grows tiresome.

And it should serve as a warning to all "aromatic fans": don't try and go looking for taste in those boring and syrupy cherry-vanilla-fruit tobaccos...

This is so gradual that I find it barely noticeable unless I put the pipe down for a short while and come back to it.

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